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Fast, flexible, full-service creative & web teams.
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Consistent Quality

Work with a dedicated team of experienced, senior talent.

Reliable Speed

Familiar, available and ready. 
It’s your team, you’re first in line.

Flexible & Scalable

Easily adjust with your demand. Spend your hours as needed.

Full-Service at
Fractional Cost

A full design, development, video and copywriting team with in-house availability for a fraction of the hiring cost.

brightbase is the new alternative to freelancers, agencies, hiring,
and subscription services.


Fast, flexible,
full-service teams.


Choose how many hours you need

Plans of all sizes: part-time, full-time, startup, enterprise and in between.
Not sure? Happy to help.

Use those hours for any of our services

Branding, design, development, video or  copywriting.
Big projects, quick fixes, team meetings
— we’re onboard and ready.

Get brilliant work, quickly and easily

Work directly with senior talent, in real time,
 wherever you like to work — Slack, Asana, etc.

Easily adjust as your needs change

Adjust your hours month-to-month, and roll over  unused hours, so no hour is wasted.
No long-term commitments or gotcha fees.
Just honest hourly retainers.

All creative marketing services under one roof.

Design, development, video and copywriting.
Need a service that’s not on the list? Get in touch. Chances are we do that too.

Incredible quality in record time with minimal direction. They just get it.

Wade Tibke
SVP Marketing

Record-breaking results in qualified meetings and influenced revenue.

Madison Perry
Vice President, Marketing

A reliable
and essential extension of
our team.

Yash Prakash
Chief Marketing Officer

They are a
partner you
can trust
your brand.

Casey Munck
Senior Director, Marketing

They consistently
and high quality

Lani Beadle Marketing
Launch Darkly

and a pleasure
to work with.

Kelsie Skinner
Vice President, Marketing

They go over and above, time after time, with projects large 
and small.”

Erin Duncan
Director, Product Marketing

Nothing but phenomenal.
Highly recommend for creative projects.

Devon Tackels
Senior Director, Communications

Let us help you make the right choice for your business.

Deciding between a full-time hire or an agency? We can help. Let us guide you through the choice with our personalized, consultative approach, ensuring the best fit for your business's growth and success.

Adjustable and tailored to you

Plans for Every Stage of Business

quarterly retainer

Part-Time Support

Best for occasional design & development support like ebooks, landing pages, decks, socials, ads.
Starting at
20 hrs / month. Billed quarterly.
  • All design, development, video, copywriting services
  • Unused hours rollover within the quarter
  • Work with your U.S. based project manager
  • Unlimited meetings
  • No long-term commitments or hidden fees
monthly retainer

Full-Time Support

Best for a steady stream of projects, or larger projects like a rebrand or  website rebuild.
Starting at
50 hrs / month. Billed monthly.
  • All design, development, video, copywriting services
  • All hours are fast turnaround
  • Unused hours rollover month-to-month
  • Work directly with your talent, in your systems (Slack, Asana)
  • Unlimited meetings
  • No long-term commitments or hidden fees
Frequently Asked Questions


How are you different from other subscription services?

So glad you asked. In general we offer more flexibility, more skills, and IMHO better quality work.

  • More flexibility with low minimum commitments and ability to adjust month-to-month.
  • More utilization with the ability to rollover unused hours to the following month.
  • More skills since we offer website development as well as creative, video and content.
  • Better quality with higher paid senior talent.

More on the limits of unlimited design & subscription models?

Unlimited design, subscription-based, creative-as-a-service options are very hot right now — and for good reason! They promise a better way to get design done — compared to traditional agencies, or hiring in-house. The revolution to rethink these models is full of promise, but is often over-promised by today’s options.

  • “Unlimited design” is really 10-20 requests / month depending on average turnaround. Sometimes this works out, but sometimes you’re paying $500 for a small adjustment, or paying for days you’re not using.
  • Design-only subscriptions leave your website development needs unmet. A resource that only creates half of what you need, is only half a solution.
  • “Flexible” often still comes with year long commitments, strict tiers and easily triggered hidden fees. We have one rate and no hidden fees.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

We can help! Just book a call with us and we'll recommend a level for you based on your team's needs as well as the expected volume and velocity. The best part is you can always adjust your hours so you’re never locked in long term.

What is the minimum commitment?

Our lower volume Part-Time retainers work on a 3-month interval, paid upfront, while our higher volume Full-Time and Enterprise are month-to-month with a 30-day termination.

What happens if I don't use all my hours in a month?

They rollover to the next month! This rollover is limited to 100% of the month’s retained hours — which should prevent you from losing any time you’ve paid for.

How much does a typical design project cost?

Since we offer such a wide range of services — full-scale rebranding and website development, to quick file changes and web updates — the cost varies considerably. However, we can always provide an estimate for each project. If you have a particular project in mind, let us know and we’ll be happy to quote it.

In general, we're less expensive than agencies and a little more expensive than individual freelancers since we offer high-quality work, project management, creative direction and a wider range of skills. And of course, the more we’ve worked together the more efficient we get.

Do you do custom plans?

100%. We’re built around you. Our base retainers are just starting points to build a relationship that caters to your specific needs. Let’s hop on a call and hear what you have in mind.

How do I make requests?

However you’d like :). We typically embed our team into whatever messaging or PM system you use. Most of our clients use Slack, so we often start with a channel between our teams. For larger retainers we recommend embedding into your PM system — most of our clients use Asana. We can also add you to our Asana for managing tasks if preferred. We can provide more direction on how best to request certain tasks, provide web content, feedback etc. — but in general, we meet you where you are.

What if I only have a single request or project?

No problem! We offer project-based services as well — though it typically means a higher hourly rate.