Mission + History + Team

About Us

Brightbase is the new alternative to freelancers, agencies, hiring, and subscription services.

Fast, flexible, full-service creative and web teams.
Made to scale.


“There is no perfect pasta sauce,
but there are perfect pasta sauces.”
— Malcom Gladwell
Our mission is to be the best one-stop creative and marketing resource, by being a perfect fit for each of our clients.
Our mission is to help
you grow, and look
good doing it.


What began as a small graphic and web design shop founded by Loren Polster in 2014, quickly found a niche serving up design and development to small businesses. We developed a unique retainer model that provided a blend of stability and flexibility for both the client and our team. Businesses needed the skills of a designer and developer, but didn’t want to hire full-time, and finding reliable freelancers proved difficult. Creatives wanted the freedom to work for themselves while having a reliable source of income. This part-time model we stumbled upon is the foundation of the now popular, and still growing, fractional work movement.

In late 2020, our retainer volume ramped up and grew 10x in 9 months. We quickly scaled our team, processes and systems to service larger clients and offer a wider range of services.

Now entering the subscription-based creative market under a new name, brightbase, we plan to lead the way with higher quality design solutions, more
flexibility, and a personal touch.

This idea of fractional, perfect fit service
goes way back with us. We’re excited to
follow it into the future.

Senior Team

Loren Polster

Founder, Principal; Obsessive Systemizer

Loren has been working in the creative field since 2007 after graduating with a BFA from Cal Poly SLO. His experience includes brand development, web design, collateral, packaging and front-end web development. This range allowed him to provide more holistic solutions and form lasting relationships as clients' one-stop creative and web resource.

In 2011 he joined energy bar start up, Picky Bars, as their creative and then marketing director. During that time they grew sales from infancy to over $500k annually with a national distribution in REI. Managing events, sponsorships, ad campaigns, sales collateral, and other promotions provided valuable experience to better serve marketing directors as clients now.

In 2014 he moved to New York City and started his design studio, LPDS and began to offer his flexible retainer model. In 2020 he moved to upstate New York with his wife and now lives in the woods, managing his team and clients remotely. He enjoys pottery, Pickleball, and working on a never-ending list of house projects.

Amy Maxwell

Creative Director; Visual Therapist

Amy has spent the last 17+ years collaborating with companies and brands of all sizes. She leads with a ‘ready for anything’ mindset and can jump into any project to do some heavy lifting.

Her varied experience before joining forces with brightbase has given her a deep understanding of what it takes to build successful brands, compelling campaigns, and bring each client’s unique vision to life.

When she’s not she’s not solving the world’s creative problems, you can find her in the ocean – literally. Calling the NC coast home, she lives for saltwater, sunshine, and outdoor adventures like paddle boarding and shark tooth hunting.

Jason Caslavka

Managing Director; Chaos Manager

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in design, Jason excels in transforming business requirements into user-friendly web sites and compelling designs. His career has spanned diverse entities, from brand new startups to corporate giants. Throughout his professional journey, he’s consistently served as a vital link between client expectations and the practical needs of designers and engineers.

His approach is defined by an unwavering commitment to understanding intricacies and an unyielding determination to unearth solutions, regardless of the challenges at hand. This inherent curiosity, coupled with a relentless pursuit of answers to difficult questions, has been instrumental in driving his success.

Central to his ethos is the belief in fostering a growth-oriented mindset within teams. He’s passionate about nurturing an environment where innovation flourishes and collaboration thrives, ensuring not only the delivery of exceptional designs but also an enjoyable journey in the process.

Matthew Tomaziefski

Senior Developer; Gardener of Code

Matthew's tenure in web development spans 15+ years, and let's just say, he's a seasoned gardener in the ever-blossoming field of code. From nurturing the roots of basic websites to cultivating the vibrant blooms of dynamic web applications, he's always had a green thumb when it comes to digital growth. Each project is like tending to a new garden, with its own unique seeds to sow and challenges to overcome. But that's what drives his passion – the opportunity to cultivate something beautiful and watch it flourish in the digital landscape. Matthew approaches each task with the patience and care of a skilled gardener. And as technology continues to bloom and evolve, you can count on him to be there, trowel in hand, ready to cultivate the next digital masterpiece.

When Matthew's not busy fostering his digital garden, you'll likely find him outdoors, basking in the sunshine with his loyal companion, Louie, by his side.

Dae Eriksson

Senior Project Manager; Slack Sleuth; Asana Assassin

Dae has over 15 years of project and program management so obviously she loves operations, communications and strategy. During the week she loves a good deadline and making our clients happy. Catch her on the weekends? She'll be beachside, either in her native San Diego hometown, or on the shores of Lisbon Portugal, where she's renovating a historical ruin in hopes of creating a place for people to gather, sip, chat and enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese countryside. In addition, she loves the ocean, film photography, writing, and natural wines.